This Symposium will provide guidance to risk managers, risk assessors and scientists involved in the development and use of risk mitigation tools in the context of Plant Protection Products (PPP, or pesticides) registration. The symposium will cover the following topics:

  • Presentation of the risk mitigation tools available in the area of ground water, surface water, in- and off-field organisms and functions protection;
  • Illustration of the implementation of these risk mitigation tools in the field - a field visit is organised to get participants familiar with risk mitigation options in situ (more details below);
  • Discussions on missing tools and the state of development, identification of the data to be generated to further develop these tools and discussion on alternative options until these tools are available;
  • Approaches to include risk mitigation measures in the risk assessment and decision making;
  • Illustration of the preparation of pesticide labelling in accordance with EU Regulation 547/2011 and proposed amendments;
  • Discussions on policy development needs and links with other regulatory framework including the new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

View the programme as developed by the Steering Committee.

Do not hesitate to contact Roel Evens if you have any questions. 

 About the field visit 

Visit to Bayer CropScience farm “Hof ten Bosch” in Huldenberg, near Brussels. This field visit will illustrate how risk mitigation tools can be implemented in the field and will make participants familiar with risk mitigation options in situ:

  • Treatment of rest water 
  • Low drift nozzles and sprayers, including demonstrations on their efficacy regarding drift reduction as well as maintaining activity
  • Hedges for drift reduction as well as protecting beneficials, pollinators etc.
  • Use of weather stations to achieve optimal spraying conditions (regarding drift, run-off as well as efficacy)
  • Reduction of erosion and run-off
All drinks and lunch will be provided on site (included in your registration package), make sure you wear proper clothing for a field visit. SETAC Europe provides a shuttle bus service between the conference venue and the farm, participants will be back at the Marivaux hotel not later than 16:00.