Risk mitigation measures, risk assessment and labelling in the EU 28:
Introduction to the MAgPIE toolbox

SETAC Europe 12th Special Science Symposium
10-12 May 2016  |  Brussels, Belgium


The 12th SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium will be organised in the Marivaux Congress and Seminar Centre, Brussels, Belgium. 
The event is planned as a two-day symposium followed by a one day field visit, to be conducted 10-12 May 2016. 

Risk mitigation measures are of increasing importance for environmental protection in the area of the use of Plant Protection Products (PPP, or pesticides) in crop protection. In the context of regulation and use of PPP in agriculture, risk mitigation measures may be defined to guarantee a safe use for humans and the environment, including biodiversity. The question raised multiple exchanges between European authorities, and many initiatives have been undertaken in order to develop, implement and account for risk mitigation measures in the risk assessment procedures. 

This symposium will provide guidance to risk managers, risk assessors and scientists involved in the development and use of risk mitigation tools in the context of PPP registration. The symposium will cover the following topics:
  • Presentation of the risk mitigation tools available in the area of ground water, surface water, in- and off-field organisms and functions protection;
  • Illustration of the implementation of these risk mitigation tools in the field - a field visit is organised to get participants familiar with risk mitigation options in situ;
  • Discussions on missing tools and the state of development, identification of the data to be generated to further develop these tools and discussion on alternative options until these tools are available;
  • Approaches to include risk mitigation measures in the risk assessment and decision making;
  • Illustration of the preparation of pesticide labelling in accordance with EU Regulation 547/2011 and proposed amendments;
  • Discussions on policy development needs and links with other regulatory framework including the new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP).

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